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News from Australia - a step in the right direction


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Since 2012, the IWCA has been in support of the Irish Wolfhound Clubs in Australia's breeders' efforts to combat DOGS Victoria's insistence on registering Irish Wolfhounds with dubious parentage. A ruling earlier this month appears to be a step toward remedying this matter. 

The text of DOGS Victoria's news piece (copy below) reads as follows:

"Update- Irish Wolfhound Court Case

"On Wednesday 8 June, Magistrate Smith made Orders in relation to a long running dispute between DOGS Victoria, Loretta van Nunspeet, Graham Jacobson, Tony and Eve Costa, Anthony Clare and Kathryn O'Brien as to the parentage of Gaelhound Heather O’Reily and Roughneen Eve (Dogs).

"Ms van Nunspeet and Mr Jacobson asserted that Dogs Victoria had proceeded on a mistake of fact in registering Ornumflow Lord Erikson as the Sire of the Dogs despite sworn evidence from the breeders supporting the registration. The Plaintiffs presented new DNA evidence to the Court which Magistrate Smith accepted as showing that an unregistered dog of unknown parentage, by the name of “Murphy" was the Sire of the Dogs.

"Magistrate Smith therefore made the following Orders in respect of the dispute between Loretta van Nunspeet, Graham Jacobson and Dogs Victoria:

"1. A Declaration that "Murphy", a dog not recorded on the Register is the Sire of Gaelhound Heather O'Reily and Roughneen Eve; and
2. That the registration of Gaelhound Heather O'Reily and Roughneen Eve be cancelled.

"The dispute between DOGS Victoria. the Costas, Clare and O'Brien has been adjourned to a time to be fixed by the Court. The nature of the Dog Owners claim is likely to change following today's Orders of Magistrate Smith.

"The matter will return to court at a later date to consider the position of the Costas, Clare and O'Brien."