Prepaid Catalogs

You may prepay for your catalog to pick up at the show or have it mailed later for an additional fee. Deadline April 28, 2021. A limited number of catalogs will be available at the show without a pre-order, but availability is not guaranteed.


Pick up at show $15
Mailed domestically $20
Mailed internationally $25

Order - Pay by Check

Order - Pay by PayPal

  • There is a $1.50 convenience fee per item.
  • Download and complete this fillable PDF form, calculating your TOTAL AMOUNT DUE.
  • Enter that amount in the form below to submit your payment via PayPal.
  • Mail or Email a copy of the PDF order form, and your PayPal receipt, to Jennifer Bennett at the address above.

Orders must be received by April 28, 2021.

This page was last updated 04/27/2021.