2024 Specialty Contacts

2023 IWCA Specialty LogoThe 2024 Specialty will include something for everyone; whether you prefer conformation or performance events, educational seminars, health testing, admiring the dogs, meeting friends - both old and new, or acquiring unique Irish Wolfhound related items at the auction, the opportunities abound! Your participation will help make this 94th National Specialty an event to remember! How to participate? See below!

Show Chair
Angela Hunter-Knight – angart.knight155@gmail.com, 573.783.9905

Show Co-Chair
Helen Philpott – helen@englishhedgerow.com, 217.369.8700

Obedience and Rally Chair
Risha Cupit-Berzins – howlinwolfhounds@gmail.com, 414.915.8485

Performance Chair
Mary Ellen Shriver - meshriver@msn.com, 717.744.5270

Trophy Donations
Doug Marx - aeriedogs@aol.com

Auction/Raffle Donations
Johannah Lawrie - Johannah_Lawrie@hotmail.com

Basket Raffle
Coordinator TBD
Start gathering friends and collect local items for Regional or Group Baskets for the ever-popular Basket Raffle held at the show site.

General show donations
IWCA Treasurer, Kim Staman – treasurer@iwclubofamerica.org



This page was last updated 08/22/2023.