Educational Programs

Public Education Member Event: Ringside

2023 IWCA Specialty LogoTuesday, May 21, 2024
Event will immediately follow judging.

The IWCA Health Committee and the Public Education Committee will collaborate to present a HANDS-ON experience for Exhibitors and Guests. Bring a dog and learn as you are introduced to the FRONT ASSEMBLY, discovering the parts that make up the front and their important relationship with one another and to correct movement in the Irish Wolfhound. Withers, Scapula, Upper Arm and Pasterns!

Continue to move through “stations “where you will be guided in the correct use of a stethoscope to assess heart rate, assess your hound’s Body Conditioning Score, and find out more about current health studies open for enrollment. All are welcome, with or without dogs. Handouts provided.

We welcome Special Guests Dr. Dan Fletcher from the Bleeding Study, and Dr. Kelley Makielski from the COED Study. They will join us courtesy of the IWF. Bring your questions!

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