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Large Gazehound Racing Assoc (straight racing)

Sunday May 19, 2024
Roll call and inspection will begin immediately after the IWCA meeting/noon
Purina Farms Herding Field
300 Checkerboard Loop
Gray Summit, Missouri 63039

Race secretary:
Robin Coen
11 Broad View Pl
Flemington. NJ 08822
Day of race phone: 908-801-2573 (mobile)

Pre-Entry - Pay by PayPal

  • There is a $2.00 convenience fee per entry, special stake, and/or certification.
  • Download and complete the PDF Entry Form.
  • Enter your total amount for entries -- plus convenience fee of $2.00 for each -- into the form below to submit your payment via PayPal.
  • Mail or Email a copy of the PDF entry form, and your PayPal receipt, to the address found within the premium.

Pre-entry (only) fee: $25 per hound (Early-entries close Wed., May 11, 2024, 5 PM at the Race Secretary’s home). No day-of entries.


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