#1 Aine does it again! ASFA Names Top 2021 IWs

Aine_min-1.jpg (103 KB)
Aine at the 2021 ASFA International Invitational (photo credit: Mary Huff Photography)

The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) saw 25 Irish Wolfhounds lure coursing throughout 2021 and recently posted their rankings for 2021. For the 4th consecutive year, Aine (Culcara's Aine The Alluring) earned the #1 spot, a truly incredible achievement. Congratulations to our owner and breeder members and their hounds on the impressive placements among the 2021 Top IWs!

1-Aine-GCh Culcara's Aine The Alluring FCh,CD,BN,RI,CGC-D.Cassini/D.Knowlton/D.Drake
3-Nelson-Winterdream Rnelson Of Pinehurst-K.Catov-Goodell
4-Lambert-Pinehurst Lambert-K.Catov-Goodell
4-Chesney-Pinehurst Dinree Chesney-K.Catov-Goodell
6-Iris-Renwyck's Iris-A.Whitley/J.Brenneman/D.Drake
7-Soren-Taliesin's Sa'ile SC-D.& D.Smith
7-Seamus-Seamus Of Ballymuckleheany FCh,BN,RN,CGC-D.Cassini/D.Knowlton
9-Quiley-Gabriel's Quiiley Of The McKenzie FCh,THD,CGCA,CA,SC,BCAT-E.& S.Gabriel
10-Guinevere-Culcara's Guinevere The Enchantress-A.Whitley/D.Drake
10-Raquel-Enchantress Of Franjo-M.& L.Walker

For complete rankings and more information on ASFA: http://www.asfa.org

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