AKC Votes to Retire Historic IW Kennel Names

Eugenia Hunter, the IWCA's Delegate to the AKC, reports that at their August 2018 AKC meeting, the Board of Directors voted to permanently retire nineteen historic Irish Wolfhound kennel names significant to the history and foundations of the breed. Upon request of the IWCA, the petition drafted by members Lisa Dubé Forman and Shirley Pfarrer was presented to the AKC for their consideration. The retired kennel names are: Ambleside, Ballykelly, Ballytobin, Boroughbury, Coolafin, Cotswold, Cragwood, Dromore, Eaglescrag, Felixstowe, Grevel, Hindhead, Ifold, Kihone, Kilfane, Killybracken, Ouborough, Rippingdon and Sulhamstead.

Harp & Hound will be running articles on the four retired Kennel names in the U.S. in the Spring 2019 issue, and each article will have a full page color Tribute Ad to go with it. IWCA Members who are interested in sponsoring one or more of these ads should contact the Harp & Hound committee.

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