Carol Gabriel Awarded the 2020 Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

2021_CarolGabriel.jpg (62 KB)

Congratulations to our winner of the Outstanding Sportsmanship award for 2020, Carol Gabriel under the kennel name Gabriel. She is the current Vice President and a founding member of Northern California Irish Wolfhound club. Carol's first wolfhound, CH Major Acres Just Plain Cush, was given to her by her family over 40 years ago. She eventually branched out from her family kennel to her own. 

Carol has been an active participant in many activities with her wolfhounds over the years. She has judged sweeps, competed in conformation, lure coursing, obedience, and open field coursing. Her dogs also do therapy work and attend festivals for education of the breed we all love. Her ongoing visits to nursing homes with a number of her hounds speaks volumes about her selflessness and willingness to bring joy to the lives of others with her hounds. Friends say she is everyone’s cheerleader and always puts her hounds first. 

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