In Memoriam

As we close 2018 and begin 2019, we look forward to Westminster Kennel Club, the IWCA National Specialty, and all the regional IW club specialties with our up and coming pups, our specials, and our veterans. Watching us from another plane will be several noted IWCA members who used to stand beside us in the ring or at the line, root us on from the sidelines, judge our special hounds, hand us that special puppy from the litter they bred, tend to our hounds’ health, and help rescue those who needed a forever home. We salute you IWCA members who left this world in 2018:

Ben Carter
Connie Clausen
Mary Crosby
Betty Deemer
Larry Greene
Eva Harris
Roni Kaluza
Beverly Little
Donna Monahan
Dick Rosebrock
Marion Temple
Nancy Webster

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