Irish Wolfhound Osteosarcoma Study

The Comparative Genetics Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine is looking for pedigreed Irish Wolfhounds (IWs) to help gather preliminary data for research grants aimed to understand the genetics of osteosarcoma. We are currently writing grants to help fund this work, and need to start actively collecting samples and running some preliminary experiments to support these applications.  We are seeking:

1) IWs who have developed osteosarcoma before the age of 5; if one or both parents are available, this would be of substantial benefit. Larger families with affected and unaffected dogs are of great value, although having more than one generation is critical.

2) IWs over 10 years of age that have not developed osteosarcoma.

Costs associated with participation will be covered. Please contact us if you have a dog that might qualify at And check out our Facebook page!

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