Letter from 2018 IWCA National Specialty Chair

The 2018 IWCA National is now a memory. I hope it is a great memory for those of you who attended! I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the teamwork and support provided by the members of the 2018 Specialty Committee. You can download the survey that was in your welcome bags. You can email me the survey or mail it to the address on the survey. I look forward to hearing from you.

While we cannot control the weather, we don’t let it stop us. It was great how everyone pulled together to help with tents, PA systems, photo set up, and everything regardless of your being on a committee or not. Someone during the week said it may take a village to raise a child but it takes a CITY to put on the IWCA specialty! Thank you to my great committee:

Doug Marx (and his supporting actor Amy Benjamin) Assistant Show Chairman – Simply my right-hand man – I owe you!

Angela Hunter-Knight - Obedience & Rally Chairman – What a workhorse are! Besides running the Obedience and Rally trials, you came up with the theme and designed the logo and made those WONDERFUL note card packets for the Judges’ dinner.

Karen Frederick – Performance Chairman and Chief Bill Payer – I don’t know when you actually sleep, but as usual, you made every performance event perfect and handled those contracts and bills PRONTO!

Helen Philpott – Meals chairman aka Wonder Woman! Everything you touched was lovely.

Kim Staman – Welcome bags and Meals – You were the idea woman about the bags and food trucks and kept me in line where I needed it.

Courtney Smith and Belle McCluskey – Auction Ladies! You two have this event down pat and it was a roaring success. Over $9000 I heard.

Mike Cherry (and supporting actor Kim Oliver) – Bwana in your pith helmet on that Gator!

Jamie Germain and Peter Van Brunt – You two are the Dynamic Duo of stewards. You always keep things rolling along.

Ellen Kroll – Judge Liaison, Judge Education –  You had about the 2nd longest week of all of us. Thanks for all the education for our future judges.

Frances Abrams – Health Education and Testing – Thank you for continuing to hold these events for the health of our hounds.

Nina Gottsch, Kathy Welling – Company store – So many items so little time. You always know the right things to sell.

Linda Souza – Logo items and Advertising – Thank you for jumping in when I asked you.

Lynne Park – Catalog sales and Outside Ring Steward – You put the smile on my face every day.

Barbara Kinsella – The Ribbon Lady – You know all the best ribbon deals and get them all ordered right the first time.

Jeanie & Troy Pitzenberger – RV Coordination – I hope your stay was as worry free as mine was knowing you had the RV parking under control.

Jeniffer Johnson, Mary O’Malley – Internet Committee and Photography – The folks at home are indebted to your updates of the week’s events.

Mel Mercer – Field trial Chairman, Education – Thanks for picking up doing all the things we needed done. Best wishes to you for next year.

Everyone else who helped with all the big and little things. It DOES take a city!

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