LGRA Names Top 2013 IWs

The Large Gazehound Racing Association's (LGRA) Top Irish Wolfhounds for 2013 include a respectable number of IWs bred and/or owned by IWCA members. Congratulations to our owner and breeder members on the impressive achievements of their IW athletes!

1 - Noor, Rockhart Noor SGRC, Hood
2 - Sean-W, GCH Can CH UKC Ch Genamadda Starkeeper Connery, RN, Wright/Gagne/Prokopenko
3 - Rigel, Taliesin’s Realta Gheal I Bodach, Atkinson
4 - Asha, Inishicerens Tempest Brewing GRC, Shriver
4 - Quinn-D, Fitzarran Dunmadadh Padraic Brie Quinn GRC, Dentino
6 - Bebhinn, O’Murchadha’s Bebhinn, Murphy
7 - Fyre, Starkeeper Glenamadda Fyrenze of Gryffindor, Gagne
8 - Maisey, Starkeeper Maid of the Mist SGRC2, Finberg/Gagne
9 - Powder, Lonnkyle Powder GRC, Frederick
9 - Sage, Sylverwolf Sage, Tamm
11 - Ari, Ygdrasil Prairie Creek Rolling On Over Prydain, McLean/Edwards
11 - Kizmet, Kaelyn’s Kismet O’Dashiells Den CGC, Chaney
11 - Lido, Hearthound’s One For The Road, O’Malley
11 - Loki, Harmony’s Loki of Gliwa, Cherry/Oliver
11 - Odie, Stoneybrook Odin of Harmony FCh, Cherry/Oliver
18 - Cloud, Knocknarea Zacob, Patterson
18 - Cormac, Glenamadda Wolfholm Hy Cormac, Lambert
18 - Dashiell, Ch Kaelyn’s Dashiell O’Barra Gwynn CGC ThD, Chaney
18 - Marigold, Tralen’s Merry Gold Purl GRC, Luty

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