Maisey makes LGRA History

Starkeeper’s Maid of the Mist, JC, SGRC became the first Irish Wolfhound in the history of the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) to achieve the title of SGRC2 (Senior Gazehound Racing Champion 2) and is listed among LGRA's Lifetime SGRC and above Top Dogs. Maisey (09/07/2007, GCH Starkeeper McEnroe of Limerick x CH Cuhaven Starkeeper Cameo) is owned by Luisa Finberg and Jocelyne Gagné and was bred by Pamela J Hendrickson and Jocelyne M Gagné.

Co-owner and IWCA member, Jocelyne Gagné, said “I am proud to be Maisey’s breeder and so impressed with Luisa’s determination in pursuing this accomplishment. It’s been great fun every step of the way!” Congratulations to all on this groundbreaking achievement!

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