March 15 Announcement - COVID-19 and the IWCA National

COVID-19 and the IWCA NationalStatement from Tracey Luty, IWCA President

The IWCA Show Oversight and National Specialty chairmen met today to discuss whether to cancel the 2020 national specialty scheduled for May 19, 2020 in Ashland, Nebraska. While the Eugene Mahoney State Park is still open, as of this afternoon, Nebraska is still considering whether to limit gatherings to 50 or less and they are closing more public venues. With the decisions by the Nebraska government still in flux, the IWCA Show committee has decided to proceed as if we are having the specialty. However, we will meet again by March 21 to reconsider the decision.

Please understand we are not taking this lightly and we will consider not only the availability of the venue but primarily the safety and finances of the judges and the exhibitors. We will ask BaRay to delay publishing the premium as late as possible while still meeting AKC regulations. I will send an update as soon as we have a definitive decision or by March 21 whichever is earlier. Again, if you have concerns or questions, please direct them to me at

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