President’s Message, Winter 2020

Tracey Luty with BridgerAs I write this, a snowstorm has added a new layer of white to our Colorado valley, and it’s about halfway between Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you read this, New Year’s Day will be well past. However, 2020 should still be young and time to think about resolutions for the new decade.

While making resolutions be sure to include the IWCA and your hounds in those resolutions.

For your hounds:

Exercise: Include the hounds in a new or continued exercise program. Start slow and easy. A short walk with your hound seems to make them so happy. Once they get used to the routine, they won’t let you stop.

Teach your hound: Take an obedience or rally class. Teach your hound a new trick. Go to a lure coursing practice.

Teach yourself: Learn something new about Irish Wolfhounds. Pick up a book you haven’t already read on Irish Wolfhounds. Alfred Dequoy, Anthony Killykeen Doyle, Mary McBride, Joel Samaha, Alma Starbuck, and Lois Thomasson are among some of our breeder authors. Read health articles on the IWCA or Irish Wolfhound Foundation websites.

Try a new dog sport: Will your hound chase the lure and course? Will he chase the squawker and run in straight racing? Do you and he have the basics down for a Canine Good Citizen certification? How about a Trick Dog, Farm Dog, or Scent work title?

For the IWCA:

Public Education: Help the IWCA or your local regional Irish Wolfhound club with a Meet the Breeds event. There are several around the country. Meet the Breed is a great way for the public to meet our wonderful breed and learn more about their history, health and temperaments.

National Specialty: Volunteer to help at the IWCA National Specialty. There are many things we can use your help with that don’t require prior experience. Even if you don’t show your hounds, the National Specialty is the best place to meet other owners, breeders and experts in our breed.

Rescue: The regional rescue organizations can always use help even in small ways. Home visits, shelter visits, talking to an owner considering releasing their IW are all ways to help with rescue.

Other Committees: The IWCA has over a dozen committees and advisory teams that can use your help. Go to to see a list of all the committees where you might be able to lend a hand.

How do you get involved with the IWCA? Look at the contact list on the website or contact me or one of the officers or board members to find out how to get started.

For yourself:

Meet other IWCA members in person: Let’s all resolve to meet each other in person locally or across the country. Resolve to put down the mouse and pick up the car keys and meet up with your fellow members and their hounds. I hope I get to meet you in 2020.

Happy New Year!

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