Request from Nominating Committee

IWCA Associate and Active Members,

I am sending you this request for your input on behalf of the IWCA and the 2022 IWCA Nominating Committee comprised of myself as Chair, Jeniffer Johnson, Gretchen Bernardi, Mary Ellen Shriver, and Sue Marvin. We would sincerely appreciate your suggestions for nomination to the 2022 IWCA Board.

When suggesting candidates, please consider that the Board should reflect a balance of interests, opinions, and regional representation. Board members should be individuals who have the courage to stand up for their convictions, are respected by and respectful of the membership, able to work cooperatively and effectively with others, have something valuable to contribute and are fair-minded and objective.

As the majority of board business is now conducted electronically, basic computer skills and ownership of a computer, tablet, or smartphone is preferred in order to be a functioning member of the board. Please make sure that any candidates suggested agree to serve if they are nominated, and submit your suggestions via email to any of the Nominating Committee by November 31, 2021. 

Thank you for your time, consideration, and input.

Helen Philpott, 2021 IWCA Nominating Chair

Committee members:
Jeniffer Johnson -
Gretchen Bernardi –
Mary Ellen Shriver -
Sue Marvin -

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