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Dear IWCA Members,

I am sending you this request for your input on behalf of the IWCA and the 2023 IWCA Nominating Committee comprised of myself as Chair, Maura High, Melanie Mercer, Margie Milne and Lynn Rosebrock. We would sincerely appreciate your suggestions for nominations for the 2024 IWCA Board.

It is important that the Board is comprised from a balance of interests, opinions and regional representation. Board members should be individuals who have the courage to stand up for their convictions, are respected by and respectful of the membership, able to work cooperatively and effectively with others, have something valuable to contribute and are fair-minded and objective.

We are asking the membership (both Associate and Active) to help the Committee develop a list of potential candidates that will meet these criteria from which the Committee can select its nominees. Please remember that all suggested individuals must be Active members.

The positions up for election are President, Secretary, Treasurer, five (5) Vice Presidents, and four (4) Directors. All of the aforementioned are elected to a one (1) year term, with the exception of the four (4) Directors which are elected to three (3) year terms. Please secure their willingness to be considered before submitting their names to the committee.

Board members will influence the direction and future of the breed and the club. As such, serving as an officer or director carries a significant responsibility and commitment to the Irish Wolfhound breed and the IWCA members that elect them. Their service will require personal time to fulfill their duties and obligations of their selected office. The President, Secretary and Treasurer in particular call for persons with administrative and other specialized skills and experience. The one (1) year Vice President terms provide a good opportunity for new board members to gain Board experience and a chance for them to determine if a future longer term commitment might appeal to them. Of the five (5) Vice Presidents, the person who receives the most votes will be designated Senior Vice President and will have the responsibility of filling in for the President if he or she is unable to attend a meeting. The person who receives the second most votes will be designated as the back-up Secretary if the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting. Since the directors serve a three (3) year term, it is very important to consider individuals that can commit for this length of time.

Please submit your suggestions to the Nominating Committee by 15 December 2023. Contact information for the Nominating Committee is listed below.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and input.

A. Gottsch

A. I. (Nina) Gottsch
2023 IWCA Nominating Committee Chair
402-715-5254 (Landline)

Maura High -
Margie Milne -
Melanie Mercer –
Lynn Rosebrock -


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