Wolfhound and IWCA News

Post-Operative Bleeding


Unexpected post-surgical bleeding is known to occur in Greyhounds, has been experienced in Scottish Deerhounds, and has been reported in Irish Wolfhounds, as well

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Gorgeous weather for IWADV match


Match Judge, Jennifer Sula, DVM, Blackwater, saw a nice entry of puppies

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Congratulations to IWAGS Coursers


Congratulations to the hounds and their owners at IWAGS who coursed early in the morning

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New website launched


The IWCA Board wishes to thank the Internet Committee,

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PVIWC Specialty Show


Congratulations to the winners at the very rainy, windy PVIWC show.

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News from ASFA ACOD


IWCA Performance and Versatility Chair, Michael Demeter, reports from last weekend’s 2014 ASFA Annual Convention

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Rockhart Noor confirmed top 2013 ASFA IW


Rockhart Noor, LCM, SGRC, SC, was confirmed top 2013 ASFA Irish Wolfhound

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IW Podcast


"The Dog Who Killed Wolves," a documentary on the history and mythology of the Irish Wolfhound.

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Member's hounds march in NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade


For 24 years, IWCA member, Eileen Flanagan, has provided the Wolfhounds, the official mascot of the 69th Infantry

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IWCA Takes Position on Wolf Hunting in Wisconsin


IWCA Legislative Committee Chair, Eugenia Hunter, in a letter mailed today to the Wisconsin Senate Natural Resources Committee and

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