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Irish Wolfhound Puppies for Sale - Things to Think About

BEFORE you buy a puppy.

The IWCA encourages you to talk to several people and, if you are looking for a puppy to buy, to see as many Wolfhounds of differing ages as possible before choosing to purchase one.

Books about the Irish Wolfhound can be found on this website. Read as much as you can about the breed and never hesitate to ask questions if you are not sure about any point, no matter how trivial it might seem to you. Introducing a dog into your life is a large step to take and involves new responsibilities, whatever the breed. This is especially true for Irish Wolfhounds, due to their size and the special needs that accompany that size.

Beware of any breeder whose puppies are being offered at a price substantially below the average for your area or who seem particularly anxious to sell you a puppy, or make unsubstantiated claims. The responsible breeder will want to know several things about you, including your lifestyle, the physical accommodations available for a large dog, your ability to properly care for it, to mention but a few questions. Beware of any breeder who is willing to guarantee that a puppy will become a champion, or who has excuses why you cannot see the dam and/or the rest of the litter, or who has no questions to ask, or bad-mouths other breeders or breed organizations (or is ignorant of their existence). Please see the Standards of Ethical Conduct.

Irish Wolfhounds have not escaped the exploitation of commercial-type and other irresponsible breeders who are interested only in profiting from the production and sale of puppies. When profit is the motive behind breeding, essential elements of their care, such as veterinary attention, proper nutrition, careful selection of breeding stock and health testing, are neglected for greater financial gain.

Whether you are looking for an Irish Wolfhound with show potential or as a family companion, or both, he should be physically and mentally healthy, exhibiting the friendly, even disposition that is essential to his character.

The Irish Wolfhound Club of America hopes you will use the information on this website and that it helps you to learn more about the breed.  We've also prepared two brochures for puppy people:

If you have any questions at all, please contact an IWCA club officer, a local IW club, a listed breeder or an information contact.

If you are interested in rescuing an Irish Wolfhound, please see the National Rescue Directory.

The puppy buying information should be the same world wide. More great puppy buying information on Irish Wolfhound UK  

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