The Illustrated Standard of the Irish Wolfhound

Per the Standard, an Irish Wolfhound must be “of great size and commanding appearance.” He has a large, muscular greyhound-like shape. He is the tallest of dogs not the heaviest. His chest is deep; his neck long and strong. He is a superb athlete and an endurance runner.

When judging the Irish Wolfhound in the ring, primary consideration must be given to the hound’s ability to do the job he was bred to do centuries ago. The trot observed in the ring is a working gait while looking for prey in the field. It must be smooth and effortless, covering ground. It is only when he gives chase that he breaks into the double suspension gallop.

He must be well balanced and well muscled, enabling him to carry his large frame over long distances. Never appearing lumbering, weak or fragile, he is a combination of power and grace.

This Illustrated Standard is intended to help owners, breeders, and judges understand the fine points and unique attributes of the Irish Wolfhound.

Download the Illustrated Standard (PDF)

This page was last updated 01/04/2021.