Wolfhound and IWCA News

Irish Wolfhounds Met 2023 AKC Rally National Championship Eligibility Requirements


Barb Patterson and Nikki (Karontara Nickelodeon At Tantara).

Three Irish Wolfhounds met the eligibility requirements to enter the prestigious 2023 AKC Rally National Championship in Wilmington, Ohio in June 2023.

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Top Performance Irish Wolfhounds in 2022 (Video)


Top Performance Irish Wolfhounds in 2021

The IWCA congratulates all of the top performance Irish Wolfhounds from 2022.

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Off to the Races: LGRA and NOTRA Name Top 2022 IWs


Brice racing down the track (photo credit: Dai Kshi Austin)

The Large Gazehound Racing Association's (LGRA) Top Irish Wolfhounds for 2020.

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Paris is #1…ASFA Names Top 2022 IWs


Paris lure coursing at the Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association trial (photo credit: Lori Walker)

The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) saw 25 Irish Wolfhounds lure coursing throughout 2022.

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The IWCA Announces Two New Performance Awards


The Irish Wolfhound Club of America is pleased to announce a Significant Achievement Award and a Multi-Titlist Award to augment our Versatility Program.

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Outstanding Sportsmanship Award Nominations


It is that time of the year again. All members of the IWCA need to consider one person to be awarded the Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for 2022.

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Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar Webinars


The Theriogenology Foundation in conjunction with the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation is offering webinars in their Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar series.

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Irish Wolfhounds at the 2022 AKC Obedience Classic


Pictured are Barb and Nikki

Congratulations to IWCA member Barb Patterson and her Nikki for being one of three IW teams to meet eligibility requirements for the 2022 AKC Obedience Classic.

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COED (Canine Osteosarcoma Early Detection) Study Now Open


COED (Canine Osteosarcoma Early Detection) is now open for enrollment at the University of Minnesota website.

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The Celeste Winans Hutton Award Presented to Frances Abrams


At the 2022 AGM, the IWCA was excited to present the Hutton Award to Frances Abrams for her invaluable contributions towards health research in the Irish Wolfhound. 

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